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Products are GMP certified. Products are all organically produced, all the entire process from seed to shelf.  

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We deliver what is on the label
CBD oil is made from whole plant extracts using Supercritical CO2.



CBD products are quality tested in 3rd part Laboratory. You can get every product quality report.

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Frequently asked questions:


Which part of the plant is used in your products?

Our products are made from full plant CO2 extractions of seeds and stems under GMP level production.

Are your CBD products organic?

Every product is professionally tested in the lab and has a batch number on the packaging. Please write us your Batch number and you receive your received product certificate of analysis, where you can also check the Cannabinoid Profile, Terpenoid Profile, Microbial Profile and the Heavy Metals Profile.

What is the difference between raw and decarb?

CBDa is considered RAW, CBD is heat treated or in other words Decarb or DC. The difference between RAW and Decarb is the heating process. The RAW-product-line contains the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes, whereas the DC-product-line has been heated to decrease the amount of acid groups (CBDa to CBD, CBGa to CBG etc.). For many people it’s just a matter of preference, but for certain conditions such as acid reflux it might be better to try the Decarb line. We always recommend CBDa+CBD products. In any case, we recommend you refer to the website for more information about the differences.

What is the difference between oil and extract?

The difference between the oil and extract is mainly the texture. The oil is diluted with hemp seed oil and therefore more liquid. Because you should hold the extract for a couple of minutes under your tongue, the oil will break down more easily in comparison with the paste and the effect of the CBD will get quicker into your body.